Taurus and Scorpion compatibility

For both, sex and money make the world turn and there is a good chance that they have brought you closer to each other. When it comes to having fun and taking pleasure in the emotional intensity and good things of this world, you form an unbeatable team.

But you can both be very demanding, narrow-minded and indulgent towards yourself only. Therefore, each of you may have to learn how to forgive the other’s mistakes and not be so possessive or resistant to changing old habits.

You all understand the importance of fidelity. Relational problems pass first and foremost. The pragmatism and simplicity of Taurus can sometimes irritate Scorpio’s need to see things in depth. And Scorpio’s love for drama can sometimes threaten Taurus’s calm and concrete approach.

However, this volcanic combination of a native of Taurus, a sign of Earth, and a native of Scorpio, a sign of water, can create an important and lasting attraction. Try not to send you spades since you are both quick to anger and you could say or do things that the other will never forget. Be less strict and get the most out of this relationship by learning to laugh at yourself.

You are Scorpio

It is often said that the Scorpions are recognizable by their eyes. Enigmatic, penetrating but not revealing, sometimes hostile or even pitiless. This look, with the infamous passions lent to the sign, make your life difficult for a long time. When you are asked at an evening your astrological sign, you look at them …
The partner Taurus

Taurus is a very physical sign. The natives of Taurus who do not possess a powerful nature of desire are rare. Even the bulls who dread intimacy (because they were severely wounded in their childhood) exhibit an innate sensuality, through gestures of affection and their pleasure to touch, to look at, to listen to,. ..
The Taurus man

Taurus is an extremely masculine animal, so the Taurus man can resemble a male of great virility. This is partly due to the sign which is very physical and partly to its sensitivity to the expectations of society. The Taurus man is an assemblage of everything that society defines as masculine from clothing to attitudes …

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