Taurus 2018 horoscope – the most important events of the year

Honest and creative, the bull lives calmly. What does the year 2018 hold for the astrological sign of Taurus? You will know everything thanks to the astrological forecasts of our astrologer. Discover the predictions of the stars in love, work and health. Find here another interesting taurus 2018 horoscope.

Planetary Influx of the Year

The dissonance of Jupiter then its good influx, the support of Pluto.

To undertake, to weigh, to balance, to manage, to gauge, to think, to propose, to create and to be accomplished …

General atmosphere

In 2018, your love life but also your ability to create will be brought to the fore. Similarly, the stars will also draw your attention to your propensity to live the present moment. So, everything will make you look straight ahead and not in the back!

Friendship & Love: 2018 will be perfect to review your way of communicating with friends or family. For some, outings, invitations should pace your year.

As for the heart, the second half of 2018 will be ideal for talking projects, considering the arrival of a child or just embarking on a long-term investment for two. Bachelor, if the first semester sees you a little more centered on yourself, the second semester will be just perfect to meet the love.

Money: This is a key period that will allow you to put your accounts in order and access to a better quality of life. For some, an increase is not impossible.

Work: If you want to embark on new projects, start up your business, open yourself up to novelty or gain more responsibility, you will have to wait until the summer. However, regardless of your situation, it is a period of growth that is coming and going.

Vitality: on the first trimester, you will have the feeling of living on your reserves and you will be plagued by many moments of fatigue. The second quarter will find you more dynamic, more enterprising and above all in full possession of your means.

Closer to the stars

If you are from 1st decan, from July to November, you will have the opportunity to fulfill yourself, whether in love, friendship, family or work.

If you are 2nd decan, for you too, the second part of 2018 will see you in your sneakers and satisfied with your life.

If you are from the third decade, it will be a perfect year to improve your exchanges with your loved ones and especially with certain members of your family. For others, it may be a matter of moving, marriage or child.

The challenge of the year will be to strike a balance between social and private life. The general configuration of your Heaven, which focuses on areas related to the family and the career, will be the main challenge, that is to say, a lively and, on the whole, promising, one of the loves Moments. Not to mention an enriching family life, especially if you are one of the many native of the sign who will have this year a new baby. Only one solution: respect a healthy lifestyle, and manage your schedule effectively to cope without stress to your many and diverse obligations.

If you have an important problem to solve, exercise extreme caution and rigor. Be especially concerned to look for all the causes and effects of this problem. Then put all the objective data on paper with all your critical judgment. Your next step will be to make an exhaustive inventory of all possible solutions, each with its advantages and disadvantages. You will then be relatively easy to choose the best possible solution.


Your friendly relations will have a special charm, and you will hear from them. Your friends will appreciate you, especially since you will spare them your sharp, peremptory judgments.


You will welcome with joy every opportunity to see new faces. This will not prevent you from enjoying gathering your loved ones by organizing large family gatherings.


For most natives, the adventures will be passionate, violent, clearly nonconformist; But they will not all have a character of duration. Some couples could become lame following the escapades of one or the other partners.

Precipitation, impulsivity will be your worst enemies. You will have to make serious efforts to control your reckless impulses, otherwise you will make mistakes that will cost you dear.


You will have chances in the field of friendship. In addition, you will be able to use your personal relationships to gain a substantial work or career advantage.

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