Chinese horoscope 2017 for tiger

The year of the Red Fire Rooster Yin begins on January 28, 2017 and ends on February 15, 2018. It will be a year of great achievements for the Tiger and with its usual enthusiasm, plus the positivism that will bring you the Gallo Fuego, you will be able to achieve the impossible. Good job opportunities will emerge, which you will not despise. They will have to help others develop and move forward. It is not a year in which independence, is going to give good results. Teamwork and helping others is what is best for you. It will be a year of traveling, of great social life.

The Tiger will want to move and travel. He will make several trips during the year and will visit friends and family, who are traveling abroad or in other cities.

In love you will feel lucky, because this year you will know an important love in your life and you will live a moment of great romanticism. For married couples, stability and harmony.

At home, they will see you rather little. It will be important to have a good communication, so they are aware of the amount of work they have and support and understand.

His social life will be very active and this year he will meet new people, with whom he will open new activities to his life and will serve his personal interests. There will be lots of fun and lots of social activities.

At work, they will be more launched and claim status, which they think they deserve in their current company. In general, they will get it and give them a more responsible position, so they can develop and demonstrate their full potential. The fact of getting along with the managers and their gift of people, will favor this promotion. In addition, it will be a very creative year at work as well as in your private life.

For those who want to change jobs and who are looking for work, it would be interesting to go to an agency, to help them find a good offer for them.

Economically they will do well because they will earn more, but if they do not control their expenses, money will blow them out of their hands.

Luck will definitely not be on your side this year. The quest will be that inner engine that will drive you everywhere, but you will return from your undertakings with empty hands; With nothing to give and nothing with which to stay. Your efforts will taste like defeat and your energies will be drained from your body, without life giving you something positive in exchange for so much effort.

The tigers will return solitary to the forest this year. Those who begin the year with a partner, soon see their bed empty and cold again, while those who start the year in solitude, end it the same way.

Your desperation to find company will lead you to see love everywhere, even going so far as to look with loving eyes at distant relatives, such as cousins. The best thing you can do is refrain from making any proposal, since it will not be well seen by the people in the circle of both, much less well received by the person honored. Let all this be in your mind as part of your fantasies, in the future you can tell other couples as something fun.

Work and Money
You will see your household spending increase at an alarming rate. No matter how hard you try to reduce them, this year will be characterized by the persistence in broken appliances and wiring of your home. Other problems, such as dampness and the subsequent costly arrangement, will also haunt you without giving you respite.

On the other hand, the persecutions will also come from your creditors, who have not been able to pay them and forget the debts because of the different contingencies that have been punishing you.

This 2017 is very cruel in the aspect of money, since you may have to go back to loans to meet the monthly expenses. Not to mention, then, to make a picturesque holiday trip, let alone to renovate the dressing room of the season.

The job will have you very demanding this year. You will see that your day begins and ends very late in the office. You will not be able to get the job off and you will be the person on which all the work that nobody wants to do. To make matters worse, you will still not be able to equate the effort with the money received, so the motivational factor will fall drastically.

A change of work is not recommended during 2017, besides the possibilities will not open for you. So you will have to learn to cultivate the capacity of waiting and perseverance.

Family and Friends

The most conservative branch of the family will advise you to continue in your work, since they consider that a job is that, and that has nothing to do with pleasure. Meanwhile, the most revolutionary family members will encourage you to claim your rights. Use your common sense and do not let yourself be led by external pressures, no matter how well intentioned they may be.

Social life will be very active this year, since it will be your cable to land and, perhaps, the only one that can steal a smile.

Stress and living a hurried life leads us to eat the first thing we have at hand. However, in your case this behavior will affect your liver, so you must take great care of what you eat. Choose fresh fruits and fats free of fat. Say no to junk food.

Love horoscope 2017 for taurus

1st trimester

As a couple: At the beginning of the year, it is time for you to take things in hand, your partner wants to confide in you on an important point but in view of your behavior lately he does not dare .
Single: You have the baraka at the moment, you attract the love, take advantage to go out and to show you, you will make a meeting with a charming person.
2nd quarter

As a couple: A person covets your partner, certainly at his / her place of work. However you do not risk anything because your partner is involved in your life as a couple and is not attracted to that person.
Bachelor: An old love story resurfaced, how are you going to react? Only you know, do not fall back in the same panel.
3rd quarter

As a couple: You want to change your life as a couple, but do not go for a walk because you have more to lose than to win.
Single: Review your criteria, do not choose a partner like a car! You will find it very soon.
4th Quarter

In a couple: You manage to regain confidence in your couple and you are now on the path of love and therefore on the path of happiness.
Bachelor: A person has been turning around for some time and this time you accept an appointment. You may not be disappointed.

How to attract a man or woman Taurus

A man or woman of the sign of Taurus attracts you and you want to please him? Arm yourself with patience because the Bulls do not commit themselves to hurry, they take their time to discover the person who is in front of them.
What counts most is trust and you will have to show evidence of the trust you deserve to win it. To touch a personality thus made you can play the same card as them by asking them of patience against you, they will feel like you are a person who resembles them and it will please them.
A Taurus person has no taboos in discussions, you can talk about anything you want, but money or work remains the favorite topic. Talk about it with humor and you’ve won everything.
A romantic relationship with a woman Taurus

A woman born under the sign of the Taurus is a seductress in the soul. As a general rule it always manages to achieve its purpose because its main weapon is patience, but not any patience … a patience at all times ..

Want to seduce a Taurus woman? You will have to show him that you are a person capable of assuming your life under different aspects, love, money, work … You will have to show him that you are a capable person!
Nothing beats the good old values ​​in life in the eyes of the Taurus woman. You will not only have to understand this aspect of his point of view, but also share it.
The Taurus woman needs the emotional and emotional support of her partner in everyday life. You will need to give her time for dialogue because she loves discussions and likes to learn from another person.

The woman Taurus loves to give affection, love, of herself to the one and only condition that she receives as much, if not more. You will not have to be careful about him.
Women born under the sign of Taurus in astrology are known as whole and affective people. They easily grant their trust to their sentimental partner. However you will not be entitled to the error.
She will bring you joy and happiness in your life, she will fill your heart with love and you will never be able to do without her again …
A relationship with a man Taurus

A man under the sign of Taurus is a man who loves the sure values ​​in life. Of great sensitivity and transparency you will find an honest and sincere man towards you and your couple.
He will not look elsewhere in life if you bring him what he expects from you, that is, attention and love. It is a reliable personality that will please you if you correspond to it.
However the Taurus man will not engage in a loving relationship if it is not certain that you correspond to his principles which are very clear, they are the same as his. One can almost say that he is calculator in love.
The Taurus man is a romantic and a charmer, he loves to know to whom he has to do in his love life and that is why you will have to show yourself as you really are and never hide anything from him Personality that will frustrate him.
The Taurus man does not seek the wife of an evening, he seeks the soul sister, confidante and friend to whom he can confide in transparency. Never disappoint him, for he will never forget it. He expects stability and comfort from life, do you expect the same thing as him?

Yearly Horoscope 2017 for everyone


This is the year you have been waiting for all your life. Do not waste any opportunity that comes up. With tremendous support from Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius all year, and Saturn in Leo till September, you cannot lose.

This year brings major activity in career or business, and travel and publishing. Many new contacts will be made, and much success will be coming your way. Communications of all kinds will be a fact of life with many short and long journeys. Classes may be taken or taught, writing and publishing are highlighted. Many burdens and frustrations affecting your life will lift. You will achieve a degree of personal freedom beyond anything you have previously dreamed of, and find your life transformed and filled with good fortune, as well as reaping the benefits of all your hard work.

Late May brings changes, much movement, opportunities to satisfy your curiosity about many things. It will be a busy time. Good news or travel to distant places, or possibly attending college classes or getting your writing published can all come from this time.

Mid August sees many burdens and constraints lifting with you finally getting some long delayed success. Your quality of life will be much better after this time. You will experience a good deal of luck and fortune as well as rewards for your efforts. The year ends on a real high note with many new opportunities in business or work. As good a 2017 is going to be, look for even more in 2018.


This year 2017 horoscope brings new levels of understanding and meaning to your life. You have come through a difficult time of soul searching and dealing with your issues and blocks. You will emerge from this time with a new vision of yourself, both in your feelings about what has meaning for you, and what you value in others. Gains can come though others, as do new and inspired ways of achieving success in the world or benefiting others. You will see change in others as they act like a mirror that reflects how much you have grown and changed.

May brings a time of discussion and excitement about financial possibilities. Do not count too much on what others may tell you, but go with your own feelings, and trust your instincts.

August has some solid support for you from another in dealings with problems relating to home and family. By September the inner struggle with your personal demons will finally lift, giving you relief from this long process. December brings tangible rewards from another based on your efforts.


A time of exciting changes within yourself is now fast approaching. The period of stress and uncertainty is over. You will see things in a new and expanded way as if you are lifting your eyes from what has been right in front to you to see a newer and brighter horizon. Opportunities through others will abound, as they are aware of your new confidence. Act on what comes to you, and prosperity will follow.

Your feelings of being isolated, overwhelmed, and being apart from the world around you is transitory. Soon you will feel new and stronger connections and the world will be bright again.

You feel many fluctuations and stirrings within yourself, and are quite optimistic about some event in May concerning a partner or other. What you are getting from others is what they want, not necessarily what is going to happen. Be sure that you are not holding on to outmoded ideas, though. What others are suggesting may in fact be the best result.

August will reveal some solid strength or support over changes you want to make in a relationship, and September will be the end of a struggle lasting the past few years. December opens new doors into a much better future.


Your best years, at least in terms of opportunity and potential, lie ahead, and this is one of them. Others will be very supportive, and their ideas will help you to grow and expand. New people will be attracted to you and impressed with your willingness to take on responsibility. What has seemed like a frustrating obligation will turn into a lucky break for you, and open doors allowing you to do so much more. Take what comes in stride and you will see great changes this year.

Late May brings some inner searching and self-realizations as you finally let go of the past, and move on. You will see the concept of responsibility and service to others in a new light and understand what it means to you.

August brings rewards for past efforts on another’s behalf that ease your financial burdens. By September you will see the difficulties of the past two years lifted and money will be flowing again.


Your period of “constructive growth” (ie hard times and lots of struggle) is over by this coming September and you should feel a great release of passion and enthusiasm. You will feel like you can accomplish anything you put your mind to and so you should. The burdens and limitations will be gone. You do not have to wait till then to get some good news and opportunities as Jupiter is bringing a year to remember to the sector concerning quality of life, pleasure, and what means the most to you. It will indeed be a banner year following two very difficult ones. Make the most of your opportunities.

January brings some new and attractive individual into your life, possibly needing your assistance. Late May offers an exciting change in your outlook for the future and may indeed bring some interesting developments into your life much sooner.

September will be your personal release time, but look for some strong support and benefits from another in August based on your work so far. This will help to transform your life style.


You have gone through a two-year period of soul-searching and evaluation of the structure and people in your life. Soon now you will be able to use this experience to achieve a level of personal success far beyond your expectations. Ideas now abound that will lead to a bettering of your life. Some of the hard work transforms the foundations of your life and leads to exciting new developments in career or business.

By spring some unique ideas bring changes to your relationships. Late May has interesting developments that will bring you to the attention of many people and you will be much in demand.

August has strong support from family members helping you to step up to some personal challenge, and in September you feel able to take on anything as you are at the peak of your personal power and ability.


You have been burdened for some time with always focusing on the future and trying to provide for everyone’s’ needs but your own. This year will see changes in your responsibilities, and some real changes in your life. Look for big changes relating to home and family, and a lifting of worries about what is going to happen.

This is a transitional year that will bring good fortune and help to realize your dreams. By year end your life will be totally transformed. Look to support from many people who will be looking out for your needs as promised by the support of Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius and Saturn in Leo. Passionate and enthusiastic people will be your support group this year.

March brings sudden changes that will see some big benefits which may be related to people or events at a distance or possibly trips to distant places. Go with your heart and not your head as you will be doing something special for yourself.

August brings renewed hope for the future and a lifting of burdens. Major changes concerning home and family will be forthcoming and lots of anxiety and worry will be lifted.


The struggle of the past two years is nearly at an end. You will begin to realize the rewards of your patience and stamina soon. The burdens around work or business will continue into the summer, but the realization of your dreams for yourself will come true much sooner.

Use your money and make inspired choices about where you live and who you live with. This is your best investment as it is most important to be in the right place to take advantage of what the end of this year and next year will bring to you.

May sees you reaping the benefits of past relationships or monies coming to you through legal connections such as inheritances.

Late summer brings an end to difficulties with work and career, and initiates a transformation of your financial picture; December brings a great increase in your money supply that will continue for many years.


Like Aries this is the year you have been waiting for all your life. With the power of transformation and absolute fortune in your sign all year, and the solid support of Saturn in Leo till September, this indeed is a year to remember (as if you could ever forget it!).

Look for opportunities to do for or include others, but don’t forget to always put yourself first. This is not selfish, but enlightened as once your full potential is realized you can do so much more for others. Personal growth and terrific expansion of your finances are just the beginning. Act on inspiration and not thought, and always see the end result as positive and attained.

February/March brings some sudden news or ideas about money. Curb your optimism as not everything is for you. Be selective. May brings many new people into your life as you gain in recognition. Some old issues with partners concerning money, or the use of your resources, can come up.

Late August and September bring solid support and rewards for all your efforts from those at a distance. Many burdens relating to dealings with these people, delays in publishing, or travel plans, will be lifted at this time


The hard work and long hours of recent times will continue, with even more responsibilities and opportunities to render service to others come your way. Ideas abound that expand your personal growth, and bring so much more your way. Be discerning though as so much is happening that you cannot do it all.

Your inner growth and heightened intuitive senses are as important as your mind and ideas. The powers of fortune and expansion, transformation and decisive action, lie within and it is necessary to look for them and act on them to attain your full potential this year.

February/March brings unexpected help from a close family member. This will be needed by late May to help with some sudden responsibilities that seem to be more than you can handle by yourself.

Big changes in your personal situation are in the works throughout August and September. Opportunities will come through others, possibly partners, long-term relationships, or connections that you have. This time could alter the course of your life.


Enthusiasm and inspiration carry you forward looking to attain your goals or make your dreams come true. New people will be important to you, as they help you reach for the stars. Do not let sudden doubts or fears bring you down. You can do all you want and achieve the success you see. Let the doubts float away and concentrate on the end result being achieved. The problems that others foresee are temporary conditions that you can easily overcome.

Do not stray from your course, but believe that unexpected solutions and answers will come that will make the impossible easy. This is a banner year for you to manifest the confidence you need to make it all happen.

February/March brings some sudden issues concerning money that may affect your lifestyle. This can be resolved, so do not listen to others’ fears. May shows the direction to success, and it comes unexpectedly through another whose analytical skills are extraordinary.

Late August through September sees you getting the support of those previously opposed to your plans bringing about a huge transformation in the progress and success of your year. Look to things to finalize by December.


Your journey of self-discovery, independence and prosperity continues, and even picks up steam this year. Doors that you have been afraid to open will seem simple now. Assert yourself, and stop doubting your potential. You are even less likely to give in to the demands of others as you become less likely to run ad hide.

You see your future more clearly now, and it is your future, based on your decisions, wants and needs. Take that big step coming up that will change things for you in work or business and allow you to do the things that you have always wanted to do. Limitations are lifted in the shape of old responsibilities, and you gain much support for your past efforts and doing for others. Now it is your turn.

February/March brings some major confrontation with another concerning work and family. You are well able to deal with this and to make your point not only clear, but practical. Late Spring brings more dealings with family, where they feel they are right in what you should do, and totally miss the point as you see it. Do not doubt yourself because you are right.

August through September brings an end to some obligation that was a heavy burden for you. You will gain much support and assistance in making the changes you want to in your life because of the service you rendered.

Taurus yearly forecast – Relationships , finances and love

Overview for 2017
Mars staying in your sign from 29 July until 16 February 2018 can be one of the most important transits for the Bull native. Mars rules assertive energy, the sort of work that one does and how you approach physical activity. Mars is the most important planet for direction of this energy. Depending on your age will determine how this planet is to be utilized. If younger your competitive spirit will be high and you will have an active year. If older than 48 years you may experience the opposite reaction, when your work and energy is influenced by a need to slow down. October to December becomes an important time for decisions that come under this Planets banner. The Eclipse on 24 April will affect people born within 2 days either side of this date. Jupiter to Scorpio from 26th October brings more focus on joint and relationship matters.

Personal Opportunities for Taurus:
Before Mars enters your sign and directs your energy, you begin to make some personal decisions around 15 May to 11 June that are connected. Your efforts will determine your rewards this year. Because you are one of the fixed signs there will be periods of challenge and obstacles placed in your path that will make any changes this year more meaningful than other years. You may have some battles on your hands, but help comes to you from end of October.

Personal Limitations for Taurus:
Until late July you may feel restless but undecided why. If you keep coming up with closed doors in your life it is probably trying to tell you something. Saturn moving into Leo can also throw down a challenge or two as it begins a 21/2 year journey through your family and home sector. Maybe you are expecting some limitation to come because of family obligations this year. Older family members could also demand more of your time and influence your personal life. December may feel limiting your life in some way.

This is also strongly highlighted around the end of April and for those born from 20 April until 2 May. 16 April to 10 May is an important time whilst Venus is in your sign for all matters involving the heart or a partner. Jupiter moving to your relationship sector from late October can show an increase or expansion comes through a partnership or significant relationship from this point in the year. Growth comes to you from others. Gor a more detailed taurus 2017 yearly horoscope please visit .

Mars in your sign can indicate you work hard to clear some debts out of your life on the one hand, or else you are in some dispute with someone over money July/August and November stand out. Depending on which end you are operating from you will need to make some serious decisions around October and November 2017. Initial improvement could come 16 April to 10 May.

Some uncertainty exists in this area until mid-year when you get some enthusiasm going. August will sort out your direction. You may find some superiors/bosses are more demanding from July and this pushes a decision from you. You make a career move at the end of the year.

With the amount of planets in 2017 in `square’ angle to your own sign, this can deplete your reserves or inner strength. Your body part is the throat/neck and upper shoulders and be aware that additional massages may be needed this year. August can be a month that will test your health but it is also when you may take your life in your own hands anyway and health will be part of it. October – December will be a time for any health or body work to be needed. If you are a heavy Taurus be aware that you will do something about this mid-year.