Monthly Taurus Horoscope September 2017

A smooth day at work for the 2nd. Put your ideas into writing when the 3rd arrives. Then, perhaps share them with others during the 4th. A busy day for the 5th, but hang in there, a more relaxed day for the 6th. Avoid travel if possible during the 9th.

Writing proposals and setting goals is favored for the 10th. Travel is promising early in the day of the 11th. You could be in the spotlight on the 12th. Put your best foot forward during the 13th. You may not receive the news that you expect to receive on the 16th. Instead of getting upset, set a new goal and head in a different direction. A better day awaits for the 17th. A productive day for the 19th. You may need to lend a helping hand to an associate on the 20th. The favor will be returned two fold. Hard work on the 23rd will pay off. A step up the career ladder on the 24th. A busy and hectic day for the 26th. Negotiations are favorable during the 27th.

Shopping is favored for the 2nd. Applying for credit is favored for the 10th. If you shop on the 11th, be sure to shop around before making purchases. Good luck regarding finances will be headed your way on the 16th. Applying for credit is favorable on the 24th.

Take some time during the evening of the 1st to take care of a few things around the home. A family member may need your attention on the 3rd. Be sure to make some time for this person. Take care of urgencies early on the 7th and then get out and have some fun. Socializing is relaxing during the evening of the 8th. Get together with family members during the 14th. Everyone wants a piece of you on the 15th. Do what you can do and no more. When the 24th arrives, allow someone to do something nice for you. There are no strings attached. The 28th should prove to be a great day to do almost anything. Have some friends over to your place during the 29th.

Romance is on the horizon during the 5th. Conversation leads to romance with your partner during the 7th. Share your feelings on the 12th, it should make you feel good. Do something nice for your honey when the 20th arrives. Dating is favored for the 27th. Romance shines during the 29th and the 30th.