Monthly Taurus Horoscope Octomber 2017

A busy day at work awaits for the 1st. Avoid heavy communication during the afternoon hours of the 3rd. On the 5th, don’t rush into making a decision. Take the time that you need to think the matter over. Try and avoid travel during the afternoon of the 8th if possible.

The 9th probably won’t be one of the most smoothest days that you’ve had at work. Hang in there, a better day is coming. Career objectives are obtainable on the 10th. Although the 12th could be off to a slow start, the afternoon brings productivity. Put your creative side to work for you during the 15th. The rewards will be forthcoming. A busy day for the 16th. Travel and business mix well for the 19th. Put your ideas to work for you on the 22nd, you can’t go wrong. Take the lead during the 23rd and watch as others follow. Read the fine print before signing anything during the 24th. A confusing day during the early part of the 25th. Do what you can do to get through it. Extra work comes your way around the 26th. Avoid a confrontation with an associate on the 29th. Some things are better off left alone. A busy morning for the 30th.

Avoid shopping during the 6th. On the 14th, avoid discussions regarding finances with anyone who is not directly involved. Shopping is favored for the 25th.

When the 5th arrives, find something to do that you enjoy doing. Take some time during the evening of the 7th to relax, and pamper yourself. Communication between family members is important during the 9th. When the 13th arrives, get up and get out with friends. Have some fun. Sharing with friends will be rewarding on the 14th. Spend some time during the 18th to make a few phone calls that you’ve been putting off. Take a few minutes to take care of a few things at home during the 19th. You’ll be glad that you did. Quality time spent with a friend on the 28th will be beneficial to the both of you.

Clear communication with your partner for the 2nd, so if you have anything to discuss this is the time to do it. Love is in the air on the 4th. Enjoy. Plan a quiet evening for two on the 17th. Romance can blossom. Compromise may be the key word when it comes to communication with your partner on the 26th. Romance for the 30th and passion for the 31st.