Monthly Taurus Horoscope Mars 2017

Hard at work on the 2nd will result in amazing accomplishments. Productivity continues for the 5th. Meetings and appointments are promising for the 6th. A smooth day at work for the 8th. Although the 9th should prove to be a very busy day, take a few moments to mingle with those around you.

On the 12th, you may get an offer that sounds very appealing, however, before jumping the gun and accepting it, consider if it’s really what you want. Share your ideas with others during the 13th. The 14th is a great day to begin a new project. Don’t be in a hurry to share your ideas with co-workers during the 16th. Consider putting the idea into writing first. Although you may not feel like doing much at all during the 19th, it will be a smooth and somewhat productive day once you set your mind to the work at hand. Travel and learning are favored for the 20th. If a difficult situation arises at work during the 21st, do your best to remain cool and calm. Opportunity may knock on the 23rd, so be sure to listen. Put your creative side to work for you during the 26th. More opportunity comes your way for the 27th. Go with the flow at work for the 29th. Presentations and meetings are favorable for the 30th.

Be careful during the 2nd, someone may be trying to talk you into a financial deal. Before you part with your hard earned money, think it over logically. Is the deal good for you, or is good for them? Avoid applying for credit during the 5th. Avoid discussing finances with anyone during the 12th. It will only cause a disagreement. Finances increase around the 18th. Review finances during the 22nd when you have some peace and quiet.

If you’re visiting with family during the 3rd, be careful that you don’t end up saying something to a family member that you don’t really mean. Enjoy a visit with a friend during the 4th. Be careful of how you phrase your thoughts to a friend during the 8th, you could end up unintentionally hurting someone’s feelings. Get together with friends during the 14th. Fun for all. A social get together at your place during the 17th should prove to be exciting. Plan an evening out on the town for the 18th. Have the time of your life. A change in plans for the 23rd doesn’t mean that you can’t do what you wanted to do, it just means that you’ll have to do it later. Take some time during the 25th to do what you want to do. Forget everyone and everything else around you and enjoy. Spend quality time with family members on the 29th. It will be appreciated.

Romance awaits for the evening of the 3rd. Passion for the 8th. On the 15th, communication is important with your partner. Romance blossoms on the 20th. Spend quality time with your partner during the evening of the 24th. You won’t regret it.