Monthly Taurus Horoscope July 2017

The 1st brings successful business dealings. Stay alert on the 2nd as opportunities present themselves to you.

Don’t rush into a business decision on the 3rd. Take your time and think the matter over. Communications are strong during the 4th, so take advantage of the situation and put it to good use. Don’t believe all you hear during the 7th. An associate may be telling you only part of a story. Smooth business dealings for the 9th. Another step up the ladder of success for the 11th will leave you in a great mood. Productive day for the 14th. Although you may not feel like getting much done on the 16th, you’ll be productive and successful. Take a chance in business during the 17th, it’s your lucky day. Travel is favored for the 18th. Opportunity awaits for the 21st. A smooth day for the 24th will allow you to accomplish a great deal. The 28th won’t be the smoothest or most productive day regarding business matters, but when the 29th arrives, progress is the key word.

Shopping is favored for the 1st. Unexpected expenses for the 8th. Financial planning is recommended for the 9th. Finances and shopping for large purchases are favored for the 16th. Be careful with financial dealings during the 22nd. Check your receipts and shop around for the best price. Applying for a loan is favored for the 25th. A financial increase for the 30th.

Entertaining is highlighted for the evening of the 4th. Socializing during the 5th will be rewarding and uplifting. A sudden change of plans for the 6th. Spend the time taking care of things around the home, or have a few friends over. Go out with a close friend during the late part of the 10th and enjoy life. Entertaining is recommended for the 12th. Enjoy the day with close friends or family members. Things may not go as you plan for the 13th, but all in all, a quiet and relaxing day awaits. Try and avoid certain family members as a disagreement could occur during the 14th. You may have to get involved with someone else’s problems during the 19th. You can help them see a way through their dilemma. Extra time on your hands during the 20th will allow you to get a few things done that you’ve put on the back burner. Get together with a close friend during the 23rd. Get to bed early on the 27th, you’ll need your rest.

Romance awaits for the 15th and communication with your partner is strong. Plan a romantic evening for two during the 18th. Get out during the 26th as passion and romance are in store for you. Romance for the 31st.