Man taurus personality

Taurus is an extremely masculine animal, so the Taurus man can resemble a male of great virility. This is partly due to the sign which is very physical and partly to its sensitivity to the expectations of society. The Taurus man is an assemblage of everything that society defines as masculine from clothing to attitudes without forgetting the good old possessiveness of the man of the caves.

Some of the male bulls are concerned about their appearance. They will spend a lot of money and time to choose the right Rolex, the right car, the right silk shirt, the right fragrance and the right haircut. They do not appear at first macho but it is enough to observe the animal world: it is the males that strut with their manes, their brilliant feathers and their incredible fins.

The other Bulls are assiduously trying to harmonize with nature and it is very likely that you have to give up caffeine, nicotine, preservatives, battery eggs, cosmetics tested on animals, artificial fiber clothing, And the anti-slugs of your favorite delphiniums. All this in the name of inner and outer serenity, harmony and cleanliness. Whatever its values, the Taurus man believes deeply in them and maintains with his body and the material world a determination that sometimes turns to obsession.

The strong but silent hero is a Taurus character. It is usually extremely attractive even when it is not conventional, has a classic look and is very comfortable with his body, if not proud. Most often he dresses with research. This reflects one of the most pronounced traits of the man Taurus: vanity associated with a requirement of quality, also called “good taste”.

Many Taurus men are passionate. If you love sensuality, Taurus has plenty of it. Beware, however, of playing with your emotions or of making innuendo. The Taurus man can be awfully first degree and deliberately obtuse if he thinks you are trying to change it. When it does not want to understand something, it prevents you from expressing yourself. Either he accuses you of being irrational, excessive or imbecile, or he smiles at you and goes away, impermeable to tears and cries.

Sometimes the Taurus man indulges in laziness. However, if you are in trouble, it will bring you strength, calm and good sense. He will certainly not understand your difficulties but he believes deeply that there is a solution for each problem. Most of the time he will find one, even if you think the problem insoluble.

Be careful not to deceive him. To rely on his understanding in these circumstances would be useless. Taurus is a double standard. An adventure, if he is indulgent, would remain slightly across his throat. If not, think twice about it. If he loves you, it is because he considers you to be his. Betrayal is one of the few things that can transform the volcano that sleeps in him into a terrifying outburst of anger.

The Taurus man is very likely when his pride is at stake, especially his pride as a lover. If you push him out of his entrenchments, he is able to throw you out, you and you business, and never again speak to you. To remain inflexible is as valid in love as in hatred. In general, Taurus remembers his wounds for a very long time, although he also remembers, indeed, good times for so long.

The bulls can be horribly indolent. Relaxing for them can mean drinking a beer while watching a game on TV while you have more enjoyable projects. The Taurus man likes to have fun and often believes that it is a right. Even if he pretends to be “plugged in”, deep down he remains very conventional. But it has a rare force because you will feel a strong sense of security. A very attractive quality for our time when nothing is really safe.

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