Free 2017 Taurus horoscope

2017 Taurus general Horoscope
During the first three quarters of this year Jupiter, a beneficent energy, is in your 6th house of health, employment, and daily routine. This suggests that you are experiencing improved circumstances in these areas. Your work place may have been expanded or there may be new coworkers who are lightening your days. New equipment that helps you improve your efficiency is common with Jupiter in this position. You may have found a mentor who gives you encouragement and assistance or perhaps you have become a mentor for someone else. If health was previously an issue, it is now improving. There will be many favorable dates related to this energy through October. A few that are notable are as follows: Jan 21–24, Feb 7–17, Apr 2–8, May 17–June 11, July 1–Aug 6, Aug 27–Sep 1, and Oct. 3–22. Not all of these are outstanding, but they are bright spots.

During the first half of this year you are completing important projects in the arena of communications that began about 2 years ago. It is possible that you have been attending an educational program. Maybe you have been required by your work to develop the efficiency of your language and communications processing. This particular cycle of Saturn often brings a “new language” of some type to learn, with a challenging vocabulary. By July you should have a sense of satisfaction.

Saturn then moves to the next challenge, which you can probably already see on the horizon. From July forward, for approximately 2.5 years, it will be required that you focus attention on anything around you that is aging, from older people to the household roof. Saturn rarely sneaks up on us, so you are aware of the symptoms which need to be attended. Sometimes elderly members of the family have health problems and require extra help during these periods. It is not uncommon for people to downsize their living quarters with Saturn in this position.

At the end of Oct., Jupiter will move into your 7th house of partnerships and will remain there for about 13 months. This augurs a period in which you may attract a new relationship into your life. If you already have a good one, then Jupiter in this position represents favorable events developing for your partner. For the Bulls who have clientele, this period will increase your public exposure and/or your sales. It is possible that the partner you attract is a business partner. Social life in general expands . Throughout this period, people you consult will be just right for you.

Make an effort to finish important projects by September. Mars will begin retrograding in your sign and will remain so through the rest of the year. This generally symbolizes a need to slow down and it is often difficult to get new things done while Mars is retrograde. If you have any hidden health issues, Mars will make them known so they can be treated. After the rest period you will be thoroughly energized and ready to turn on the high gears for several months.