Chinese horoscope 2018 – the Brown Earth Dog Year

According to the Chinese calendar, in 2018, the reins of government will move from the quick-tempered Cock to a peaceful and faithful animal – the Brown Earth Dog, which will never let off needy people and punish hypocrites, loafers and liars. With her arrival in the world there will be tranquility and harmony, even between irreconcilable enemies.

It is also important that the Dog is a female sign, therefore in 2018 women’s logic and intuition will be held in high esteem. Thanks to sincere feelings, it will be possible to realize what was conceived – a declaration of love, the creation of families, a joint business with a faithful friend, and so on. However, due to the fact that the Dog is a female symbol, the events of 2018 will fluctuate from bad to good, from merry to sad, and vice versa.

The symbol of 2018 is a kind and sympathetic sign, appreciating the house and comfort, as well as family values, so this year it is necessary to spend more time with relatives and friends who will support and understand, and will not let fall in the spirit in a difficult situation. And those will be, especially those who are accustomed to living alone and meet with adversity and life difficulties one on one.

There are also shortages in dogs – they are somewhere lazy and indifferent to the needs of others, this will affect the characteristics of 2018. The fact is that most people will face a problem – there may be major troubles, but because of their vital position no one will help them. To prevent this from happening, we must try to be closer to others, to help, even if they do not ask for help, and also become lenient towards the mistakes of the neighbor, without forgetting that we are all not perfect.

In general, 2018 will be peaceful, fair and calm, if we are closer to the family and home, and also become more tolerant towards others and stricter towards ourselves.

Eastern horoscope for the year 2018 for the Sign of the Rat

In 2018, people born in the year of the Rat, will have to spend a lot of time in resolving conflict situations, which will not happen through their fault, but they will become their main participants. Especially it will affect the fair sex – in some cases even reach abuse. At the beginning of the year, there may be monetary problems – no need to borrow money – no return. Also, one should not invest in dealing with unverified people.

By mid-summer, money will go to the back burner, as it starts to piss off health – will make itself felt fatigue. Some will spend the warm months of the year on a hospital bed, if they do not start thinking about their condition in advance – any signal from the body can not be ignored.

At the end of autumn, a service romance is possible, but it will be short and very loud – some family rats even part with their second half. However, December will pass quietly and calmly – financial stability, the normalization of health and the establishment of love relationships – a reward for the difficult year in terms of both physical and moral.

Eastern horoscope for 2018 for the sign of the Ox

In 2018, the Bull will often have to rest against the horn when the mistress of the year decides to pacify his temper, especially at the beginning of the year, when the Bull has not yet forgotten the feeling of superiority over the Rooster. It will be hard for the Bulls occupying a leading position – they are used to being obediently obeyed, even when they are not right. But the fair dog will break the bull’s steadfastness, giving the opportunity to show itself to other symbols of the year, being on the lower step of the career ladder.

Such a blow will hurt the Byka’s pride, which will immediately affect his mental health, so May he better spend somewhere away from everyday workers’ worries and worries, preferably in a circle of loving people. Then in the beginning of summer, returning with new forces, it will be possible to return the reins of government to their own hands.

The end of the year will bring a surprise in the form of cash profits – it can be an inheritance or a successful marriage with a rich man, promotion or winnings in the lottery. In December, the lonely Bulls will be able to find the key to their beloved person and create a strong and united family with him.

Eastern horoscope for 2018 for the Tiger Sign

In the Year of the Dog, the Tiger will begin to lead a calm and peaceful way of life. He will turn into a cute kitten, who will be pleased with scratching his beloved hand behind his ear. He will be attracted by pleasant laziness and complete relaxation, which will last until the beginning of spring. It is with the awakening of nature that the Tiger will wake up, predatory qualities will begin to manifest in proving their professionalism, earning money and recognizing in love.

It is from March that many Tigers decide to start their own business by adding to their creation and best friends who can be trusted, and also admit their feelings to the one that they have long been hiding from, fearing to damage the wonderful and long relationship. By the end of spring, their desires will become reality, and in the fall they will bear the first fruits – a big money profit and a wedding or the news of the replenishment of the family.

The end of the year will be slightly overshadowed by the deterioration of health – a cold or trivial poisoning can cause a serious illness if you do not immediately treat. It is advisable not to allow this, otherwise in the next year there may be complications that are fraught with chronic diseases.

Eastern horoscope for the year 2018 for the Rabbit Sign

In the previous year, people born in the year of Rabbit, had to work hard, so in the year of the Dog, they can breathe peacefully and relax. In the professional field of the Rabbit is valued and respected, always listen to his advice, in love a complete idyll – soul partners do not cherish each other, financial stability and confidence in the future. The only thing that will bring the Rabbit, this is his health. Already at the beginning of the year there may be problems with the gastrointestinal tract, it will take a lot of time to consult a gastroenterologist, as well as doing various, recommended examinations.

Representatives of the fair sex born in the year of the Rabbit should warmly dress, as hypothermia can cause a trip to the gynecologist who will have to treat and inflammation, and other women’s problems that they did not remind of themselves before. The dentist will also become the “favorite” doctor of Rabbit in 2018, especially in the summer. However, health problems will last only until November, then everything will be normal if you follow the advice given by experts in the field of medicine.

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