Taurus 2019 horoscope – love, money, career

New Year New luck taurus? What are the stars for you this year? Especially at the end of the year, the question always moves us particularly strongly what the next twelve months will bring.

Our free annual horoscope provides you with a detailed forecast of how your zodiac will affect your life over the course of the year.

Career, finances, health and love – on all important topics of life, the stars provide information about what the year holds in store for you.

No matter if it’s cancer, taurus, Libra, fish or scorpion: At horoscopes.guru you will find a detailed annual horoscope for taurus and thus find out what awaits you in the course of the year.

Your personal horoscope provides an accurate year-round forecast, helping you to better anticipate future events and identify your own strengths and weaknesses this year.

The stars also tell you which things you can do wonderfully this year and what you would rather avoid.

Thanks to the annual horoscope, they are prepared for any complicated situation and with this knowledge they can relax through the year.

Which star is a turbulent year full of ups and downs? May Taurus expect the great love happiness this year? What should you do as a twin financially minded and when is the best time to start your professional career? The big annual horoscope at horoscopes.guru for Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius, Leo and Co. gives you the answers on what to expect in terms of love, work and health this year.

A good mix of proven and innovative ideas  for Taurus

You know what you want, go your own way confidentially in 2019 and progress step by step. Uranus makes sure that the whole thing is not monotonous, helps you in the second half to gain new freedoms. The one or other nice surprise sweetens you now the everyday life.

taurus astro predictions for 2019

By 2019, you will succeed in everything that has to do with solid values, traditions and good working practices. Saturn strengthens your back, lets you act very smart with all your experience. Although Jupiter will make your competitors happy until November, they keep you in check with their good innovative ideas. Uranus offers until May the best conditions for a groundbreaking new concept.

Tip: from mid-March to mid-May Taurus can gain a valuable edge. From 17.5. until 13.8. the requirements are very high; Time pressure arises because you still have to join the work of colleagues. It’s time to close your eyes. The reward: from mid-August to mid-September you change to the fast lane, everything is easier by the hand. From 11.9. until 15.11. then you have to reckon with stronger resistance.

But even now, keep calm, and ultimately go from heated discussions as the winner of the place. From mid-November you can expect a great year-end spurt. Annoying problems that have kept you in suspense for some time can finally be solved.

Business partners help and colleagues and customers are enthusiastic about their ideas. When it comes to financing, in 2019 you will once again prove your good sense of long-term investments. Saturn gives the necessary vision and makes sure that you bet on the right horse.

However, Jupiter warns until November to scrutinize all small print contracts. In January, your business is already running well, the cashier is ringing. In February, then one or the other luxury beckons. Stay firm and keep your money together. In the middle / end of May Mercury will make a great coup.

The time should be red in the calendar. In July and August 2019, on the other hand, it means comparing prices and moving larger purchases as far as possible. They would not be happy with it.

The situation is quite different in late summer: In September, you will get one bargain after another.

You can achieve particularly good sales in sales. In contrast, unplanned expenses are due in October. It’s good if you put something aside first. This keeps your account in positive territory, with additional revenue coming in November.

Taurus 2019 health horoscope

The good news first: Problems you may have with the musculoskeletal system may be reduced in 2019, with much discipline even completely eliminated.

Neptune also promotes a restful sleep and provides best regeneration all year round. If you have sporting ambitions, you can from 17.3. until 16.5. make great progress.

Now, as always for you: In nature, you feel best, with a forest run or long walks you can do a lot for your well-being. In April, Venus lets you shine from the inside, while you need more care from mid-May to mid-August.

Strain the heart and circulation less. Fit for all your projects you are from 14.8. until 11.9.

You can build new condition and defy all resistance. In October 2019, it is important to avoid carelessness and to pay attention to tripping. From the middle of November 2019 a fulminant year-end spurt awaits you: you are in great shape physically and mentally and wonderfully at ease.

After a turbulent and sometimes chaotic 2018, 2019 brings a clear trend change. This year, it should become clear that the days of abundance and growth are over for the time being.

After excesses and exaggerations in all variants now begins a two-year phase, which is characterized by rigor and discipline.

In dealing with power and authority, but also with values of all kinds, a reorientation takes place. Instead of belief, opinion and outward impression, facts, reason and control occur. Instead of representation, “appearance” and expansion, function, sustainability, condensation and concentration occur.

The terms responsibility and consequences, guilt and punishment should also be important in this context, if necessary also receive a new meaning.

Generally, in many areas “tidied up”, dismantled and cleaned up. Often the motto is “less is more”. At best, it will be possible to land in a healthy way on the ground of reality and to remember what is essential in 2019.

In this way, the basis for a new order and structure can be created in society, business and politics, but also on an individual basis. Substantial successes are possible everywhere, where a pragmatic attitude is maintained, which is oriented to the given reality and what is feasible, where a clear and simple solution is sought and where the willingness is available, about the own nasal tip and the personal

To look out for interests and to look for system-suitable solutions. At most, this will also create the conditions and foundations for a fruitful future. However, there is also an increased tendency for “witch hunts”, control mania and surveillance mentality. Allegedly “culprits” can be pursued with great zeal or hatred and punished with extreme severity regardless of humanistic or moral principles.

According to another variant, there is a risk of over-regulation, of control mechanisms that are pushed to extremes, suppressing any individual, creative and creative impulse. This denies the ability to self-responsibility and initially created little attention, but ultimately extreme dependencies. It can be assumed that all variants come into play, depending on the area, grouping or country.

As we continue to find ourselves in a transitional period and in such chaotic and difficult-to-control circumstances, even in 2019 we can expect extremely diverse attitudes, expressions and developments.

In addition to the old systems and mentalities, which do everything in their power to preserve and defend their ideologies, power and benefices, on the other side, extreme and radical groups and attitudes are likely to seek a “Tabula Rasa” solution and destroy everything that was and is want to build up a “new world order” afterwards. In addition, between these extreme poles, a number of more modest and pragmatic factions tend to be more or less on one side or the other, creating two equally strong groupings with strongly contrasting attitudes towards the world, life and the shaping of the future.

Then there is the third, who, inspired by the “spirit of a new world”, seeks to bring to life innovative and creative visions and new values. At times, it may seem as if we are living in parallel worlds, each with different values and attitudes, different developments, and different experiences.

As is usually the case in such final and transitional phases, a great deal is possible, but nothing really sure. The attitude and the behavior of the individual people should help to decide in which parallel developments they find themselves and which future possibility becomes more likely. However, where the journey / development ultimately leads will probably not become apparent until 2020.

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