Taurus 2018 – Astrological trends for the new year


2017 will be an excellent financial year for the native ram that will be successful in all financial collaborations so that no money will be missed. However, it is recommended that rams spend their money wisely and put aside for other investments. For 2017, rams will have many chances to evolve professionally, but little effort is required and commitment.

Mercifully, Venus in retrograde equips rabbis natives with excellent communication skills that will make them a pleasant company for both friends and conquerors. The spring of 2017 comes with a lust for love and a desire to formalize the relationship, and the lonely ones could meet their soul mate from the very first months of the new year.

With regard to health, rams have no complaints about 2018. It is advisable to be cautious during the relegation times of Mercury, who is the governor of Aries Health Home: the first week of January 2017, April 10 – May 3, August 13 – 6 September, December 3 – 23


Next Year will be beneficial to Taurus from a professional and financial point of view. There will be a certain level of stress, but the natives of this sign will have to learn not to let themselves down with negativity. Stress will be a threat until August.

October marks an important change in the area of relations. For the natives alone, it could be formalising a new relationship. Still, the stars push you towards a transformation of how you relate to life, which could negatively affect your sphere of relationships. In the latter part of the year an improvement is announced in this department

The new year is the perfect opportunity for Taurus natives to pay more attention to health and overall appearance. They will have a lot of energy at the beginning of the year, and if they take care, this will be maintained by the end of the year.


The natives of Gemini can enjoy: 2018 is a good year in career terms. They have to take care of the relationship with superiors. It is not excluded that this year, Gemini will feel the need for change.

Love will have ups and downs in 2018. For example in August, you may feel lonely, or you may notice that relationships are stagnating. In the winter things will go better.

Health will improve after the beginning of October. There could be a fatigue, but overall 2018 will be healthier than 2016. Also, the lifestyle of the natives of this zodiac will improve in the new year.


2018 is announcing a full year of business and money. This can be balanced if the natives will focus on creativity, their strength, the coming year, and teamwork. If they take care, crabs will be able to turn the burdens into opportunities.

If with professional life it will be harder, the stars will be more lenient in terms of love. In the first part of the year, you will know someone new, but this relationship may not materialize immediately. Another milestone for love will be July.

Health will be a sensitive subject for crazy natives, but they will notice an improvement, especially in the second half of the year.


The beginning of the year could bring some problems to the natives of the Leo. Although the leu’s earnings will increase, there will be times when they will feel that the money is not enough. Leo has to learn to save. The second part of the year will be a good thing to slap in case of business.

This year, the native lion will receive a lot of love and attention from the loved ones, which he can then be spoiled for. Family is the main concern this year. Leagues will have many opportunities to bring their loved one closer. The natives of the zodiac will become much more intimate and romantic towards the second half of 2018. By the end of the year, the presence of Jupiter in the zodiac of the Lion will bring you luck in your relationship.

Relaxation is the key word for leo in 2018! If they are well rested, have clear minds and care for their health, the Lions will have the most spectacular changes (for good) in the new year.


Virgins will be lucky at the beginning of the year. There is the possibility to promote at work or receive a salary in the first three months. And a career change is welcome, because it will not be done in vain. The fruits will be known towards the end of the year.

Luck will not only be a professional but also amorous. Virgo will make the next hair naturally in the relationship, or they will know someone new, ready for engagement. In any case, there will be a major emotional change in the middle of the year, but if the “crisis” is managed well, everything will go smoothly by the end of the year.

New Year’s Eve rentals leave some trace of health, for the Virgins will enter the new year with a cold. During the year, however, nothing significant threatens the health of these natives.


Balances will manage to balance everything next year. Career will be the first with the family, but no one will feel neglected, and the job promises rewards throughout the year, especially after April.

Single balances are eager for adventure in the new year, so they are unlikely to sit at home or engage in a long-term relationship. Better natives devote much of their partner’s year to building a successful relationship.

Energy will dominate 2018 in the case of Balance. They are put to work and nothing will stop them from what they propose. Health will be the strength of these natives in the new year. Only at the end of the year need little attention to seasonal colds!

Taurus 2018 horoscope – the most important events of the year

Honest and creative, the bull lives calmly. What does the year 2018 hold for the astrological sign of Taurus? You will know everything thanks to the astrological forecasts of our astrologer. Discover the predictions of the stars in love, work and health. Find here another interesting taurus 2018 horoscope.

Planetary Influx of the Year

The dissonance of Jupiter then its good influx, the support of Pluto.

To undertake, to weigh, to balance, to manage, to gauge, to think, to propose, to create and to be accomplished …

General atmosphere

In 2018, your love life but also your ability to create will be brought to the fore. Similarly, the stars will also draw your attention to your propensity to live the present moment. So, everything will make you look straight ahead and not in the back!

Friendship & Love: 2018 will be perfect to review your way of communicating with friends or family. For some, outings, invitations should pace your year.

As for the heart, the second half of 2018 will be ideal for talking projects, considering the arrival of a child or just embarking on a long-term investment for two. Bachelor, if the first semester sees you a little more centered on yourself, the second semester will be just perfect to meet the love.

Money: This is a key period that will allow you to put your accounts in order and access to a better quality of life. For some, an increase is not impossible.

Work: If you want to embark on new projects, start up your business, open yourself up to novelty or gain more responsibility, you will have to wait until the summer. However, regardless of your situation, it is a period of growth that is coming and going.

Vitality: on the first trimester, you will have the feeling of living on your reserves and you will be plagued by many moments of fatigue. The second quarter will find you more dynamic, more enterprising and above all in full possession of your means.

Closer to the stars

If you are from 1st decan, from July to November, you will have the opportunity to fulfill yourself, whether in love, friendship, family or work.

If you are 2nd decan, for you too, the second part of 2018 will see you in your sneakers and satisfied with your life.

If you are from the third decade, it will be a perfect year to improve your exchanges with your loved ones and especially with certain members of your family. For others, it may be a matter of moving, marriage or child.

The challenge of the year will be to strike a balance between social and private life. The general configuration of your Heaven, which focuses on areas related to the family and the career, will be the main challenge, that is to say, a lively and, on the whole, promising, one of the loves Moments. Not to mention an enriching family life, especially if you are one of the many native of the sign who will have this year a new baby. Only one solution: respect a healthy lifestyle, and manage your schedule effectively to cope without stress to your many and diverse obligations.

If you have an important problem to solve, exercise extreme caution and rigor. Be especially concerned to look for all the causes and effects of this problem. Then put all the objective data on paper with all your critical judgment. Your next step will be to make an exhaustive inventory of all possible solutions, each with its advantages and disadvantages. You will then be relatively easy to choose the best possible solution.


Your friendly relations will have a special charm, and you will hear from them. Your friends will appreciate you, especially since you will spare them your sharp, peremptory judgments.


You will welcome with joy every opportunity to see new faces. This will not prevent you from enjoying gathering your loved ones by organizing large family gatherings.


For most natives, the adventures will be passionate, violent, clearly nonconformist; But they will not all have a character of duration. Some couples could become lame following the escapades of one or the other partners.

Precipitation, impulsivity will be your worst enemies. You will have to make serious efforts to control your reckless impulses, otherwise you will make mistakes that will cost you dear.


You will have chances in the field of friendship. In addition, you will be able to use your personal relationships to gain a substantial work or career advantage.

Astrology updates for year 2018

Taurus horoscope for 2018 suggests that this year is not appropriate to unnecessary stress to the service. Everything will work out in the second half. Those born under this sign is ruled by Venus are responsible and reliable. Do not be afraid to take advantage of these special qualities! Especially in terms of interpersonal relationships, you will have great success this year due to favorable position of the stars.

Taurus will have small obstacles right from the beginning of 2018. Your career is stagnating and are considering whether to do something about it. Before you answer this dilemma, you may seem unapproachable and closed-minded. You should not stray loved. According horoscope should focus more on relationships and personal development during this period and put his career on the foreground and wait. No wonder they say that he who does nothing can go wrong. Also, watch some profiteers that may arise. Some people with bad intentions may try to take advantage of your excitement.

The second half will bring minor problems in the family born under this sign. You were very active last month, but now I have so much energy or time to pay attention to them. Some members of your family could be offended by this behavior. You can prevent many disputes July with an honest conversation. Bulls can expect a reconciliation and it will be very sweet.

Taurus will thrive in the fall of 2018. During this period, the stars are in a stable position so you will have success in all areas. Relationships, especially the long-term will be very intense, although there were some minor problems. For singles, it will be easy to establish contact with potential partners and a chance to meet your soul mate. However, it is inevitable to fall in love. Career as horoscope, you’ll finally get a reward. You will be very healthy, they will avoid diseases. Yesterday, while I documented this nice article I found an interesting astrology blog full with Taurus horoscope updates for year 2018 .

At the end of 2018 you will be concentrating on my career again, where the diligent can expect the reward to work. Taurus at work are very friendly and you crave winter holidays. Do not forget to relax and, for example, have a little winter holiday to recharge your batteries.

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are aligned with Jupiter, so I’m very calm and contemplation charged with religious, scientific and theoretical. Love independence, but are not willing to exceed legal limits. They are optimistic and confident and are carefree. Do everything in order to be successful in the future, which leads to this goal. They trust the authorities do not like to criticize and loves freedom and justice.

I enjoy delicious food, drinks, nature and are good athletes. They can make decisions quickly and give precise instructions to others. Not afraid of danger, are self-confident, ambitious and talented physical efforts. Usually decisions based on feelings, which may sometimes disappoint. To achieve their objectives with their friends.

One of their vices is irritability. Due to their instincts can estimate perfect form of abuse are most harmful to friends. Another flaw is impulsivity, which can create many problems easily avoidable.

Sagittarians are often lawyers or priests, which is related to their sense of justice. They love to work and address all issues in an optimistic way. They can work hard and have a great spirit and courage. He knows all professions involving moves.

No luck in the relationship. Marry spontaneously and unfortunately come to regret it later. They marry several times throughout life. Sagittarius loyalty depends on their partners. If you really love and care for him, then it will give full partner.

Taurus – your 2018 horoscope is ready

Your 2018 Taurus horoscope looks very positive and filled with novelty; You will want but also the opportunity to think outside the box and to positively renew different areas of your life. Yet you will not change everything at once or any other way; Mars will strengthen your ability to darken and dare, take risks; Saturn on its side will bring you a deep analytical reflection which will allow you to combine a good preparation and the impulse to go forward.

Thanks to the bull-sized Sun, you will be able to capture all the opportunities that will be within reach to make a saving renewal on your 2018 bull horoscope. You will emerge from a daily newspaper weighing in recent years and you will gradually advance towards personal fulfillment; By going to the end of your projects, believing more in you and working precisely on them; You will see over the months your efforts to pay and materialize your personal and professional development.

You will raise your sleeves and you will put all the chances on your side to achieve your objectives; Your energy will be overflowing and nothing will seem to stop you. Be careful though during this horoscope 2018 Taurus not to overestimate your strength, you could run out of breath from the start.

Work hard to structure your efforts and projects, it will avoid you scattering unnecessarily and find yourself with too much to manage at the same time. It is better to target a single objective properly than several by buckling.

The yearly astro advice for taurus the arcane 10 of the tarot of Marseille, the wheel of fortune coupled with the ace of denier brings you a clear improvement and a beneficial bull evolution; You will finally feel that you are reaping the rewards of all the work you have done in the past and that the wheel is finally turning for you.

The ace of denier confirms your excellent shape and accentuates the project and objective aspect. If it is true that everything remains to be done on this plane, everything is possible and no major concern should bar you the road

Enjoy 2018 bull to go ahead, innovate and make a fresh start, it’s really the right time.

Job :

In your work, your 2018 bull horoscope looks globally good even if you will have moments of doubt and stagnation. Yet many things will happen throughout 2018 Taurus, at all levels and you will even be particularly involved and methodical. You will want to move towards change, to surpass yourself, to show others what you are capable of and how you will act is good, adapted and precise. But you will have a hard time really progressing.

You will stay in the tepid, you will be chilly and you will not really take risks, to the point even to let go of good opportunities to go towards your objectives. You will miss this little trick in addition, as in the spring and summer 2018 Taurus, which makes you go really and frankly. And in spite of Mars well aspected, you will often remain in withdrawal.

Despite everything that you will put in place throughout this horoscope Taurus, will bear fruit, nothing will happen quickly indeed, but from the start you can finally hope to see the change happen little by little. Saturn brings you perseverance and tenacity, but actually prevents you from being more reckless; Bet on your strengths and adopt an attitude in line with your deep desires; Nothing will happen by itself and magically and if patience is in order, it will be largely due to your behavior not always adapted to the context. Be more confident in yourself and do not postpone overnight, an evolution is predictable on this year and will have the undeniable advantage of persisting in time.

If you are looking for work, your 2018 Bull Horoscope gives you the creativity and imagination needed to stand out. Contrary to your “classic” habit, you will be able to count on originality and score points in your applications; And it will bear fruit since you will have an excellent early spring.

This year will also be very conducive to those considering a training, a specification or more drastically a career change career; You will have in your hands the opportunities to realize your aspirations and if it will take you time, you will know how to appreciate the finality.

Yet the changes will not happen without difficulty and some of you will have difficulty keeping pace, you will go through moments of disillusionment and pessimism, but this state will remain transient and will not come to tarnish your desire for novelty.


As far as finances are concerned, your 2017 Taurus outlet will be productive and you will want to plan for the future, long-term by focusing on saving. You will be provident, less inclined to spend without even counting to please your surroundings and more cautious on your budget, even to skimp on the necessary purchases.

At least that will be true in the first quarter.

As early as spring 2017 Taurus, fly your good resolutions! You will find a lighter side and you will want to enjoy the present moment by thinking less about tomorrow. Beware, however, of your budget because on the beginning of the summer of 2017 you will have to face unexpected expenses and quite important expenses. If you have been reasonable, you will be able to tap into your reserves and face, otherwise you will have to rely on your loved ones to help you out when the time comes.

Yet the cash flow will be normal and your accounts will remain balanced; You will not really have an opportunity to increase your revenue with financial luck, but your income could increase through your work. In order to strengthen your need to secure your finances, try to plan your accounts ahead of time, anticipate any major expenses and look for a good savings placement; It will be essential for you to be calm about your financial future and not worry about these pragmatic issues. At the end of 2017 Taurus, things will return to order and you will consider your projects with more serenity and peace of mind.

Free 2017 Taurus horoscope

2017 Taurus general Horoscope
During the first three quarters of this year Jupiter, a beneficent energy, is in your 6th house of health, employment, and daily routine. This suggests that you are experiencing improved circumstances in these areas. Your work place may have been expanded or there may be new coworkers who are lightening your days. New equipment that helps you improve your efficiency is common with Jupiter in this position. You may have found a mentor who gives you encouragement and assistance or perhaps you have become a mentor for someone else. If health was previously an issue, it is now improving. There will be many favorable dates related to this energy through October. A few that are notable are as follows: Jan 21–24, Feb 7–17, Apr 2–8, May 17–June 11, July 1–Aug 6, Aug 27–Sep 1, and Oct. 3–22. Not all of these are outstanding, but they are bright spots.

During the first half of this year you are completing important projects in the arena of communications that began about 2 years ago. It is possible that you have been attending an educational program. Maybe you have been required by your work to develop the efficiency of your language and communications processing. This particular cycle of Saturn often brings a “new language” of some type to learn, with a challenging vocabulary. By July you should have a sense of satisfaction.

Saturn then moves to the next challenge, which you can probably already see on the horizon. From July forward, for approximately 2.5 years, it will be required that you focus attention on anything around you that is aging, from older people to the household roof. Saturn rarely sneaks up on us, so you are aware of the symptoms which need to be attended. Sometimes elderly members of the family have health problems and require extra help during these periods. It is not uncommon for people to downsize their living quarters with Saturn in this position.

At the end of Oct., Jupiter will move into your 7th house of partnerships and will remain there for about 13 months. This augurs a period in which you may attract a new relationship into your life. If you already have a good one, then Jupiter in this position represents favorable events developing for your partner. For the Bulls who have clientele, this period will increase your public exposure and/or your sales. It is possible that the partner you attract is a business partner. Social life in general expands . Throughout this period, people you consult will be just right for you.

Make an effort to finish important projects by September. Mars will begin retrograding in your sign and will remain so through the rest of the year. This generally symbolizes a need to slow down and it is often difficult to get new things done while Mars is retrograde. If you have any hidden health issues, Mars will make them known so they can be treated. After the rest period you will be thoroughly energized and ready to turn on the high gears for several months.

important stuff about the year of the rooster 2017

Start a new year and many wonder what is the Chinese zodiac animal of this 2017. Here we leave all the details you should know about the Chinese horoscope as from when it starts to rule and what will be the luck for each sign.

This is the Year of the Rooster.Plead read your chinese horoscope today . It will begin on January 28, 2017, the second new moon after the solstice, and will end on February 15, 2018. The Rooster is the number 10 of the Chinese zodiac and includes years 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017 and 2029.

In Chinese astrology, each zodiacal year is associated with one of five elements: gold or metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The Rooster is associated with fire.

Why is it characterized?

According to the website ABC.es, “The Year of the Rooster of Fire 2017 is very special and positive for the people born in 1957, during the previous annual period of the Gallo del Fuego. The rest of the elements and years of birth will be favored by the energy of the Cock and karma will make 2017 a great year for them.

Here we leave you some tips developed by the New Woman website, according to your sign in the Chinese horoscope.

Horse (Years: 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014) Be patient. Labor changes. Save more. Good health. Pay attention to love.

Rat (Years: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008) New projects. Labor recognition. Many doors will open. Renewal and love.

Rooster (Years: 1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005) Triumph. Clarify your feelings. Economic stability. Act wisely.

Dog (Years: 1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006) Conflicts. Explode your creativity. Show your feelings. New opportunities.

Goat (Years: 1919, 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015) Correct your mistakes. Overcome your fears. Economic stability. Watch your health. Year of learning.

Dragon (Years: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012) Luck. Look for love. Take it easy. Economic stability. Avoid stress.

Tiger (Years: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010). Love to try. Control your bad mood. Listen to others. Personal growth.

Snake (Years: 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001 2013) Success. Take care of the money. Be cautious. Happiness. Recognition. Analyze your feelings.

Rabbit (Years: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011) Blessings. Learn to say ‘no’. Say it. Love comes. Work on what you like.

Mono (Years: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016) Take advantage of opportunities. Success. Control your expenses. Stable love.

Pig (Years: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007) Dreams fulfilled. Take care of your money. Time for change. Passionate love. Be responsible.

Ox (Years: 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009) Solve problems of the past. Show your feelings. Take the opportunities.

Rabbits are extremely popular and live in a large circle of relatives and friends. Their overflowing compassion makes them very protective beings towards those whom they cherish. They do not like disputes and other conflicts and will do anything to avoid confrontation.
Side of feelings, the sensitivity of the rabbit can lead to too idealize its relations. The rabbit often gets to give more to a partner than reason, which is neither realistic nor healthy. The rabbit knows how to put animation in the home and keep the house comfortable and tasteful.

The Rabbit, a delicate animal, needs a solid base to flourish. If there are no friends or close relatives, the rabbit may burst into tears at the first sign of conflict. Intellectually, the rabbit advances at its own pace …

To flourish completely, the rabbit must be persuaded of its own value and the resulting safety. His ability to discern, coupled with a hard-won recognition, will help him to go far.

Loyalty and fight against injustice are the dog’s mantras. Dogs are loyal, faithful and honest, and always stick to their firm code of ethics. But the problem is that they rarely, if ever, trust others. Granting their trust gives them a sense of inferiority.

The Dog makes an admirable, discreet and loyal friend, moreover he is an excellent listener.

Socially, the Dog does not see the interest of communicating with the outside world or resembling others. His tail is low and weary, his step heavy and embarrassed, and his eye gray and constrained, that he goes to fetes or public meetings. It is his small world and the little hassles of his entourage that worry him.

Emotionally, the dog finds it difficult to remain serene and delicate when important problems are at stake. It can also be very whimsical. The highly changing mood characterizes his emotional life, and the Dog often needs to isolate himself a time to recover.

To find his ideal partner, the Dog must go through a real path of the fighter, strewn with pitfalls. The love parade can lead to levels of anxiety and nervousness that often cause stress to their partner to the maximum.

The Dog should apply itself to controlling its irrational concerns. Let it breathe a good blow and relax a little its too rigorous principles that often exasperate the loved person to the point of distancing him.

Taurus love forecast for next year (2018)

This year it is the meerkat that will be your animal emblem! Like him, you will enjoy to live in “group”, in family, in clear, with and with the others. You will flee from solitude, and seek above all the contact, and even the new contacts which may be for you, great bearers. It is therefore in team, and supported that you will advance throughout this year 2017 which will chase the boredom of your life and invite there many new social and friendly! Number one source of inspiration for this taurus 2018 love horoscope was the website lovehoroscope.guru.

Your love horoscope 2018

As a couple, this year, with the great Jupiter that will squatter your solar home VI, you should show yourself rather easy to live, enjoyable, funny and well in your skin. The other will enjoy spending time with you and sharing even new recreation. Pretty love period on spring, where Venus and Mars that will pass through your sign will accentuate your sensuality, and your sweetness of the moment. These two planets by associating with Jupiter, will also be able to highlight a baby project, or the arrival of a child precisely on this spring 2018. In any case you will blossom together in a happy family climate. Over the summer, your reports will sometimes be a little more tense, but also more passionate, and your antics could take a turn less cuddly and more spicy! When it comes to projects for two, it is especially in the autumn that they will take shape, with the program, the purchase of a house, or a possible move that will invite a true renewal in your life as a couple! A year 2018 which should therefore be happy at the level of your union, which will not experience big troubles and which will instead take nice colors.

If you are single:

This year, if your astral sky remains rather calm in love with the major planetary transits, there will still be some times of the year that will be interesting! Certainly, Saturn in your house VIII will not help you to go to others! By placing himself thus, he will indeed make you suspicious, cautious and selective! You will often prefer to advance alone, that you find disappointed. However, the passage of Venus and Mars on the spring in your sign could trigger a few small favorites that will come to chase a little routine! But unfortunately, there will be no question of great love, nor of something stable! It is only at the end of autumn that your destiny could take a sharp turn, with the arrival of Venus and Mars in Virgo in late September, which could give rise to a lasting encounter, Certainly a little time to evolve, but that will want to be promising! Everything will begin with a sweet, loving friendship, which will evolve slowly but surely towards a deeper passion, which this time has every chance to prove lasting!

This year, you will not seem overwhelmed or stressed! With Jupiter the great benefactor of the zodiac, well installed in your solar house VI, you should be able to leave in the morning at work with a smile to the lips. It must be said that the atmosphere in your workplace will be pleasant to wish, and will push you to work in team, efficiently. It is indeed through others, and thanks to others that you will be able to fulfill your profession this year … A contact in particular could even open new perspectives with a possible association with abroad, or obtaining An expected mutation. In short, this year you will move smoothly, but surely, without taking your head and while being supported by your hierarchy and your co-workers, what more can you ask for? If you are looking for a job, you will not find the job of your dreams at the beginning of the year, but you could combine some very pleasant assignments that will make your budget more balanced. It is at the end of the summer that a promising contract can finally come and ensure a new balance!


Opportunities this year, you will not necessarily need to look for them! They will come to you through your professional entourage, or even family! The others will carry you and you will know how to follow them effectively, there will be the key to your success!

Your finances

No weight star this year in your astral sky at the material and financial levels of your life! That will augur overall, a year 2017 rather calm and quiet, during which your income will be stable, and your budget rather easy to manage! Of course, there will be a few good times for cash, as in the month of May when the solar star will facilitate your administrative or financial steps and help you to bring the money into your coffers, but all this Will remain minimal. The key to your balance will come from your

Man taurus personality

Taurus is an extremely masculine animal, so the Taurus man can resemble a male of great virility. This is partly due to the sign which is very physical and partly to its sensitivity to the expectations of society. The Taurus man is an assemblage of everything that society defines as masculine from clothing to attitudes without forgetting the good old possessiveness of the man of the caves.

Some of the male bulls are concerned about their appearance. They will spend a lot of money and time to choose the right Rolex, the right car, the right silk shirt, the right fragrance and the right haircut. They do not appear at first macho but it is enough to observe the animal world: it is the males that strut with their manes, their brilliant feathers and their incredible fins.

The other Bulls are assiduously trying to harmonize with nature and it is very likely that you have to give up caffeine, nicotine, preservatives, battery eggs, cosmetics tested on animals, artificial fiber clothing, And the anti-slugs of your favorite delphiniums. All this in the name of inner and outer serenity, harmony and cleanliness. Whatever its values, the Taurus man believes deeply in them and maintains with his body and the material world a determination that sometimes turns to obsession.

The strong but silent hero is a Taurus character. It is usually extremely attractive even when it is not conventional, has a classic look and is very comfortable with his body, if not proud. Most often he dresses with research. This reflects one of the most pronounced traits of the man Taurus: vanity associated with a requirement of quality, also called “good taste”.

Many Taurus men are passionate. If you love sensuality, Taurus has plenty of it. Beware, however, of playing with your emotions or of making innuendo. The Taurus man can be awfully first degree and deliberately obtuse if he thinks you are trying to change it. When it does not want to understand something, it prevents you from expressing yourself. Either he accuses you of being irrational, excessive or imbecile, or he smiles at you and goes away, impermeable to tears and cries.

Sometimes the Taurus man indulges in laziness. However, if you are in trouble, it will bring you strength, calm and good sense. He will certainly not understand your difficulties but he believes deeply that there is a solution for each problem. Most of the time he will find one, even if you think the problem insoluble.

Be careful not to deceive him. To rely on his understanding in these circumstances would be useless. Taurus is a double standard. An adventure, if he is indulgent, would remain slightly across his throat. If not, think twice about it. If he loves you, it is because he considers you to be his. Betrayal is one of the few things that can transform the volcano that sleeps in him into a terrifying outburst of anger.

The Taurus man is very likely when his pride is at stake, especially his pride as a lover. If you push him out of his entrenchments, he is able to throw you out, you and you business, and never again speak to you. To remain inflexible is as valid in love as in hatred. In general, Taurus remembers his wounds for a very long time, although he also remembers, indeed, good times for so long.

The bulls can be horribly indolent. Relaxing for them can mean drinking a beer while watching a game on TV while you have more enjoyable projects. The Taurus man likes to have fun and often believes that it is a right. Even if he pretends to be “plugged in”, deep down he remains very conventional. But it has a rare force because you will feel a strong sense of security. A very attractive quality for our time when nothing is really safe.

Taurus and Scorpion compatibility

For both, sex and money make the world turn and there is a good chance that they have brought you closer to each other. When it comes to having fun and taking pleasure in the emotional intensity and good things of this world, you form an unbeatable team.

But you can both be very demanding, narrow-minded and indulgent towards yourself only. Therefore, each of you may have to learn how to forgive the other’s mistakes and not be so possessive or resistant to changing old habits.

You all understand the importance of fidelity. Relational problems pass first and foremost. The pragmatism and simplicity of Taurus can sometimes irritate Scorpio’s need to see things in depth. And Scorpio’s love for drama can sometimes threaten Taurus’s calm and concrete approach.

However, this volcanic combination of a native of Taurus, a sign of Earth, and a native of Scorpio, a sign of water, can create an important and lasting attraction. Try not to send you spades since you are both quick to anger and you could say or do things that the other will never forget. Be less strict and get the most out of this relationship by learning to laugh at yourself.

You are Scorpio

It is often said that the Scorpions are recognizable by their eyes. Enigmatic, penetrating but not revealing, sometimes hostile or even pitiless. This look, with the infamous passions lent to the sign, make your life difficult for a long time. When you are asked at an evening your astrological sign, you look at them …
The partner Taurus

Taurus is a very physical sign. The natives of Taurus who do not possess a powerful nature of desire are rare. Even the bulls who dread intimacy (because they were severely wounded in their childhood) exhibit an innate sensuality, through gestures of affection and their pleasure to touch, to look at, to listen to,. ..
The Taurus man

Taurus is an extremely masculine animal, so the Taurus man can resemble a male of great virility. This is partly due to the sign which is very physical and partly to its sensitivity to the expectations of society. The Taurus man is an assemblage of everything that society defines as masculine from clothing to attitudes …

Chinese horoscope 2017 for tiger

The year of the Red Fire Rooster Yin begins on January 28, 2017 and ends on February 15, 2018. It will be a year of great achievements for the Tiger and with its usual enthusiasm, plus the positivism that will bring you the Gallo Fuego, you will be able to achieve the impossible. Good job opportunities will emerge, which you will not despise. They will have to help others develop and move forward. It is not a year in which independence, is going to give good results. Teamwork and helping others is what is best for you. It will be a year of traveling, of great social life.

The Tiger will want to move and travel. He will make several trips during the year and will visit friends and family, who are traveling abroad or in other cities.

In love you will feel lucky, because this year you will know an important love in your life and you will live a moment of great romanticism. For married couples, stability and harmony.

At home, they will see you rather little. It will be important to have a good communication, so they are aware of the amount of work they have and support and understand.

His social life will be very active and this year he will meet new people, with whom he will open new activities to his life and will serve his personal interests. There will be lots of fun and lots of social activities.

At work, they will be more launched and claim status, which they think they deserve in their current company. In general, they will get it and give them a more responsible position, so they can develop and demonstrate their full potential. The fact of getting along with the managers and their gift of people, will favor this promotion. In addition, it will be a very creative year at work as well as in your private life.

For those who want to change jobs and who are looking for work, it would be interesting to go to an agency, to help them find a good offer for them.

Economically they will do well because they will earn more, but if they do not control their expenses, money will blow them out of their hands.

Luck will definitely not be on your side this year. The quest will be that inner engine that will drive you everywhere, but you will return from your undertakings with empty hands; With nothing to give and nothing with which to stay. Your efforts will taste like defeat and your energies will be drained from your body, without life giving you something positive in exchange for so much effort.

The tigers will return solitary to the forest this year. Those who begin the year with a partner, soon see their bed empty and cold again, while those who start the year in solitude, end it the same way.

Your desperation to find company will lead you to see love everywhere, even going so far as to look with loving eyes at distant relatives, such as cousins. The best thing you can do is refrain from making any proposal, since it will not be well seen by the people in the circle of both, much less well received by the person honored. Let all this be in your mind as part of your fantasies, in the future you can tell other couples as something fun.

Work and Money
You will see your household spending increase at an alarming rate. No matter how hard you try to reduce them, this year will be characterized by the persistence in broken appliances and wiring of your home. Other problems, such as dampness and the subsequent costly arrangement, will also haunt you without giving you respite.

On the other hand, the persecutions will also come from your creditors, who have not been able to pay them and forget the debts because of the different contingencies that have been punishing you.

This 2017 is very cruel in the aspect of money, since you may have to go back to loans to meet the monthly expenses. Not to mention, then, to make a picturesque holiday trip, let alone to renovate the dressing room of the season.

The job will have you very demanding this year. You will see that your day begins and ends very late in the office. You will not be able to get the job off and you will be the person on which all the work that nobody wants to do. To make matters worse, you will still not be able to equate the effort with the money received, so the motivational factor will fall drastically.

A change of work is not recommended during 2017, besides the possibilities will not open for you. So you will have to learn to cultivate the capacity of waiting and perseverance.

Family and Friends

The most conservative branch of the family will advise you to continue in your work, since they consider that a job is that, and that has nothing to do with pleasure. Meanwhile, the most revolutionary family members will encourage you to claim your rights. Use your common sense and do not let yourself be led by external pressures, no matter how well intentioned they may be.

Social life will be very active this year, since it will be your cable to land and, perhaps, the only one that can steal a smile.

Stress and living a hurried life leads us to eat the first thing we have at hand. However, in your case this behavior will affect your liver, so you must take great care of what you eat. Choose fresh fruits and fats free of fat. Say no to junk food.